Just a poncho made by blanket that this german girl got from the airplane,,,i made this in 4 hours in the Porto Seguro Airport, but i can make the same with other similar fabric.. this pic is from São Paulo and you can have other views and order also at

my bet in trends for 2010 seasons

I bet the “imperfect” or natural as key trends in looks to the seasons in 2010. Not dirty or ugly. Only simple and natural. Without extreme design; poetic crafts details. When luxury is necessary, fine fabrics. And of course, the trend is on the mass market. Stay tuned in to light looks and have no intention of being the best. / msnbcmoda

Álbum SP > a voz da Praça da Sé

Quem conhece o cotidiano da Praça da Sé sabe que ali tem pessoas de todas as partes do mundo. Álbum SP selecionou duas vozes brasileiras no mar de pessoas que  passa  pelo marco zero de São Paulo. [vodpod id=Groupvideo.3423780&w=425&h=350&] Masculinas, nordestinas e provenientes de vendedores de rua, três características bastante comuns nas vozes da Sé.